Excellence in the Field of GIS Award


To recognize individuals who have a history of service in any area of GIS. The individual should be recognized within our region as a leader in GIS, and they should be cognizant of issues at the local, regional, state and/or federal levels. Service to their GIS community and to their own personal career should have consideration when making a nomination. The individual may be a member of government, industry, or the private sector. 

Entire organizations, such as the Northern Rockies URISA or the Women in GIS are not eligible although participation in such organizations may be used to validate an individual’s nomination, as well as participation in outstanding GIS project groups.

NRURISA Excellence in GIS Hall of Fame

2007 – Sheldon Bluestein

2009 – Steven Branting

2011 – Nick Nydegger

2013 – Keith Weber

2015 – Dave Williamson

2017 - Donna Phillips


Thank you for your nominations for the 2016-2017  Excellence in the Field of GIS Award.  The next round of nominations will take place in 2018; will you be nominated?

Nominees do not have to satisfy every criterion.  Nominees may satisfy only one criterion, and exhibit an outstanding commitment or accomplishment that exceed precedent or expectations.

Nominations will address the individual’s commitment and/or achievements in:

  • Increase community involvement in GIS

  • Develop innovative ideas or programs for GIS

  • Develop or be actively involved in cooperative efforts to put GIS into action

  • Education/Awareness of GIS

  • Coordination, Cooperation, and Partnership to increase GIS activity

  • Funding and Resources for GIS activities

  • Assessments and Adaptive Planning in GIS

  • Research and Technology Development in GIS


A profile will be developed on each individual that is nominated. A ballot will be distributed to all NR URISA board members for their vote along with the profiles of the nominees. Board members will be asked to rank their top three nominees, with the award going to the cumulative top ranked nominee from the group.  


The NR URISA Excellence in GIS Award will be presented at the biennial NR URISA Conference. The recipient will receive an engraved plaque from  NR URISA and their name will be added to the NR URISA Excellence in GIS Hall of Fame Roster.