Welcome to the Northern Rockies chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (NR URISA). We are a non-profit, grass roots group of professionals that organized together to establish a chapter whose mission is to promote educational and professional training opportunities for the effective and ethical use of spatial information and information technologies. When Northern Rockies was originally founded, we worked in cooperation with the state of Montana primarily to fund conferences. Since that time we have separated into different professional organization, however, we still work together to an annual Intermountain GIS Conference held bi-annually either in Idaho or Montana. Northern Rockies’ primary focus area is the state of Idaho and is the host on odd calendar years of the Intermountain GIS Conference. We at Northern Rockies are always looking for your input and value your suggestion to better meet your professional and education needs. Please give us your feedback and we will try to incorporate your suggestions.


2014 Northwest GIS User Conference


We're looking forward to partnering with NWGIS for our conference in Spokane in October 2015!  In the meantime, you can join them at the Northwest GIS User Conference in Lynnwood, Washington from October 13-17, 2014.  Registration is now available online at http://nwgis.org/2014. Vendor information and vendor registration is also available at http://nwgis.org/2014/vendors-sponsors.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an objective educational forum, to foster the exchange of ideas, and to promote professional interaction, stimulate research, encourage publication, and generally aid the advancement of its members.